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Dj bioport

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    Dj bioport

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: RotshiNick Name: Dj Bioport

    Best Known For

    His Name is Christian aka DJ Bioport, grew up in the seventies in Hamburg Germany.
    Started with Goa partys in 1992 and Djing psycedelic music around 1993.
    Rotshi learned djing at the turntable and supported a lot of parties and B-day´s in
    north and east Germany.
    He is not a mainstream DJ and will never be like a wedding DJ - (djing just to earn coins :-)
    and always going his own way with spirit.
    15 years ago (1998) he did a little bit homerecording in his own studio with his DJ friend Sascha.
    And the Act "bioport" was born...
    He was supported from X Dream and Midimiliz and supported the label OV-Silence with the first track on his compilation (Vinyl + CD).
    After finishing this dream of releasing music on vinyl they had a short break and started DJing again two years later. Now only under the name: DJ Bioport. He used a lot of Dj names before, every party a new one, this was a running gag... but that would be beyond the bounds :-)

    Now DJ bioport is playing Psytrance, PsyChill and Downbeat.. hope you enjoy this stuff..!!!

    Feel free to send an E- mail for more information and booking... you can use the envelope below..
    or send an E-Mail to - bioports@gmx.net ... THX ...

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Address : line, P.O Box, Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 123 456 789 88
Fax: 123 456 789 99
Email: bioports@gmx.net
Url: www.fitwp.com

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